Strategic Planning

Strategic planning and facilitation should involve more than an annual meeting with choice of chicken or fish for lunch. Board development and education, proper communication between the board and the executive team, and proper assessment of business factors are at least as important as the eight hours spent in the planning session. At Strategic Arts and Sciences, we specialize in strategic planning that endures long after the memories of the catering.

Our Approach to Strategic Planning

With more than a decade of work facilitating strategic planning sessions, we’ve come to recognize that strategic planning doesn’t begin or end with a single event. It is a process that requires ongoing buy-in, focus and adaptation to be successful. The outcome of the planning process should be a planning narrative that is representative of the voices of all stakeholders and that can be socialized throughout the organization. And it should inspire commitment to action.

Our strategic planning approach emphasizes:

  • Dialogue among all stakeholders

  • Data driven decision making (industry, market and business-specific)

  • Clear and concise governance outcomes and strategic initiatives

  • Implementation outlines and anticipated timelines

We believe this planning process works best when the facilitator seeks the same core goals (for roughly the same reasons) as the key stakeholders, while also offering an informed, outside point of view.