Jackson Hataway, PhD
Senior Consultant

Jackson Hataway, PhD specializes in organizational development, strategic planning, team building, and organizational learning. He has a unique ability to couple real-world, honest practicality with new theories of corporate growth and change as he works with organizations. Jackson is a renowned professional speaker with numerous national awards in his ten years of speaking experience. He draws on that experience and his deep communication background to coach executives in financial institutions across the country on best practices in internal and external communication and to serve as a principle speech writer for senior executives at F500 companies. Dr. Hataway brings a digital edge to every client he works with, helping organizations find their way in an environment defined by consumers and employees who are constantly connected – and whose expectations of every company they interact with are about speed, seamlessness and instant satisfaction.

Everyone knows that communication is important – but without focus, consistency and a coherent strategic vision, communication is just noise. The ability to adapt your communication strategies to feedback from innumerable channels is the key to growth in the modern consumer environment.

Jackson holds a Doctorate in Organizational Communication from the University of Alabama. As a Senior Consultant for Strategic Arts & Sciences, Dr. Hataway has had the opportunity to help organizations ranging from financial institutions of all types and sizes to leading high tech corporations like Adobe and Microsoft develop strategic growth plans that result in real impact to the bottom line. His nuanced understanding of the interplay between long-term market trends, communication and culture gives him an invaluable perspective to bring to bear for his clients.