Dana Harrington
Associate Consultant

Dana is a new addition to the Strategic Arts team. Dana specializes in organizational communication, organizational compliance, and gamified learning. With two years of teaching at the collegiate level, including experience as a Public Speaking instructor, Dana is skilled at integrating her theoretical background with complex situations to achieve greater understanding. Dana has the ability to communicate multifaceted ideas clearly, succinctly and with a bit of flair.

Communication is foundational to everything in an organization. We build organizations through our day-to-day conversations. It is our capacity to communicate mindfully that allows us to change, adapt and grow together.

An Oregon native, Dana attended college at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill where she received an award for Outstanding Achievement in Interpersonal and Organizational Communication. Dana then went on to complete her Masters in Organizational Communication at the University of Colorado Boulder, M.A. with a research program centering on Organizational Compliance in Financial Institutions.