Carmen Voillequé
Senior Consultant

Carmen is the CEO of Best Practices Media and co-founder of Strategic Arts and Sciences. With 20 years of experience in corporate training, public speaking, and facilitation, she consistently receives high praise and positive feedback from organizers and participants alike. She is nationally respected for her expertise in strategic planning, organizational change management and implementing high performance team processes for project execution. She specializes in Business & Management, Consulting, Leadership Development, Curriculum Design and Instruction, Strategic Planning, Professional Speaking & Coaching, and Communications & Messaging. Carmen especially has a passion for developing and facilitating customized high-energy experiential learning programs for mid-level and senior level managers and executives. She brings an edgy, but humorous and professional style to her teachings, and can work with almost any individual or group.

Often clients call us looking for some ‘training.’ But what they are really looking for is a kind of positive organizational transformation. More training is not the solution. To achieve the evolution you are seeking for your team, company, or community you have to design projects that develop people through the work. That’s what we do.

Initially working in the areas of education and financial services, Carmen has worked as a consultant for 9 years. She is also the author of the Courage Power Passion curriculum for middle management employees, and the co-author of Evolutionaries: Transformational Leadership with Randy Harrington, PhD. Carmen graduated with honors from the University of Oregon and went on to earn a certification in Secondary and Adult Education from San Francisco State University.