Travel Oregon
Strategic Planning


Travel Oregon is a subset of the Oregon Consortium dedicated to improving the Oregon Experience and strengthening the travel industry. Strategic Arts & Sciences has worked with Travel Oregon to achieve this goal since 2005. Through dedicated strategic planning and initiatives, Strategic Arts & Sciences and Travel Oregon have worked to tackle the diverse tourism industry, statewide.

Situation Snapshot

With such a diverse and expansive industry, Travel Oregon needed a strategic plan that could take into account the numerous stakeholders and constituents invested in Oregon tourism. These strategic plans are beholden to the public and undergo review and scrutiny in order to be approved.

SAS Engagement

Through the collaboration between Strategic Arts & Sciences and Travel Oregon, this year marks an innovating new chapter for the Oregon travel industry. The Oregon travel industry boasts a diverse landscape of tourism opportunities, from wine country to city life, and mountains to coastline. With diversity, however, there is also interdependence—The travel industry makes up a significant economic ecosystem. By recognizing this interdependence, Travel Oregon saw the opportunities available if the industry became more unified, striving to help the whole region do better. By engaging in intentional planning, Travel Oregon hopes to garner the active participation of the industries stakeholders to achieve their strategic initiatives.

In order to facilitate this unification, Travel Oregon invested in the creation of the first ever Statewide Action Plan. This plan was designed as a public document with the goal of making it readable, inclusive and dynamic. The plan is a means of reaching out to the different guilds and associations that make up the Oregon travel industry, as well as to the general public. This plan not only helps people become aware of Travel Oregon’s strategic initiatives but it also encourages active participation in achieving these goals.

In order to generate this kind of inclusive and dynamic plan, Strategic Arts consultants, Randy Harrington and Carmen Voillequé, conducted 12 focus groups all across the state, meeting with industry representatives from wineries, guides and outfitters, restaurants and lodging, arts and culture, economic development, and destination marketing. Over the course of 6 months, Strategic Arts & Sciences and Travel Oregon was able to develop a cohesive and inclusive Statewide Action Plan that called out values, strategic initiatives, and opportunities for active involvement.

This groundbreaking plan and approach has the potential to generate active participation in making the economic ecosystem of the Oregon travel industry stronger and better—Growing the Oregon Experience.

**Link:** 7 wonders campaign