Rogue Creamery
Transformational Leadership


Rogue Creamery is dedicated to sustainability, service, and the art and tradition of creating the world’s finest handmade cheese. Strategic Arts & Sciences has been working with Rogue Creamery for over a decade to facilitate communication and business development strategies.

Situation Snapshot

Rogue Creamery was looking to build upon the organization’s deeply ingrained values and develop a strategic plan that would be understood and owned by everyone. To accomplish this, Strategic Arts & Sciences employed Transformational Leadership training to facilitate this deep connection to strategy.

SAS Engagement

Strategic Arts & Sciences consultants are by no means subject matter experts when it comes to making cheese. However, Strategic Arts consultants are experts in regards to significant and transformational change. From the start, Strategic Arts sought to utilize the existing momentum within the organization to build upon the foundation and create authentic, lasting, positive changes.

Rogue Creamery is built upon deep environmental values and goals, striving for a zero carbon footprint. This goal influences every facet of the business—following their product from its origins, finding top-quality, reliable sources for premium ingredients, all the way downstream to the packaging and delivery of their product. Rogue’s dedication shows through their business development. When suitable milk was in short supply, Rogue Creamery created its own dairy to produce humane, sustainable and USDA certified organic milk—complete with cutting edge milking robots named Josephine and Matilda. Rogue Creamery is constantly looking to optimize their process and align their practices with their values.

In order to find this alignment throughout the organization, Strategic Arts reached out to Rogue employees through bi-annual “Team Day” conversations. These “Team Day” conversations provided the opportunity for staff to push back and ask questions about strategic documents generated by Strategic Arts and Rogue Creamery leadership. Strategic Arts helped facilitate these conversations and provided learning scenarios that allowed the different departments to role-play interaction with one another to highlight what is working and what is not. From these sessions, the quest for “Cheesy Goodness” centered on the quality of the data coming in across the organization. This articulated a need in the organization to own the information and pay meaningful attention to what the data was saying. Every employee is critically responsible for inputting data about the whole product.

By calling out these processes, Rogue Creamery was able to establish a common language to deal with tracking and using essential organizational information. Rogue Creamery was able to make a transformational culture change that provided a deep connection to organizational strategy and a deep connection to the data that they rely on to provide quality services and products.